Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Methodological training manual

A Training Manual focusing on the use of restorative art in migrants’ integration, based on the findings from desk and user-led fieldwork, with workers/ professionals and cultural/creative professionals working with migrants. Beyond learning on the topic from across the partners and Europe, this output will determine the current training needs of the target groups, also in relation to the Covid-19 crisis and will highlight best practices in each partner’s country. The Training Manual will be assigned ISBN and made available online, in all participating languages.

IO2: Training courses for professionals

A face-to-face and online training CPD accredited programme for workers and cultural / creative professionals working with migrants at risk of marginalisation, designed on the basis of the findings of the research carried out in IO1. The programme will develop news skills and knowledge in workers and cultural / creative professionals allowing them to better support migrants using creative art and restorative justice.

IO3: Piloting of the programme with migrants

Piloting of the learning from the programme through workshops with migrants. Partners’ trained workers and professionals will implement their learning directly with migrants; the impact of the learning and project will be captured and evaluated and will be presented in national and comparative reports.

IO4: CA4RJ E-Book

E-book with chapters written by the partners in their native languages capturing all the learning from the project; edited by Prof. Gavrielides, the e-book will also include a comparative chapter, be assigned an ISBN and catalogued with the British Library becoming in this way accessible by over 180,000 institutions.